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CADsync Consults is an offshoot of CADsync Concepts. We specialize as Business Analysts, Management Consultants, Human Resources Experts and Professional Trainers. We assist Businesses and Organizations improve their internal structure and operations to aid more efficient and effective allocation.

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CADsync Consults is a management consulting firm that provides solutions towards holistic customer seduction systems..

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Our Vision is Redefining and entrenching a Culture of Service & Process Excellence in organizations and individuals..

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The Art of Small Talk

Mastering the Art of Great Conversations
By Afolake Agunbiade

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Satisfied Clients and Customers

Speaker was very eloquent, well knowledgeable. The training has been quite effective and has changed my perspective about a lot of things. The training was great!!!! The Training was timely and effective So wonderful, so interesting and educative. A very effective Session The training helped show me some of the negative reactions I was developing on the job. Simple very impressive session. This kind of training should have lasted longer. We need more of such trainings and we don’t have to wait till management retreat till we have such. Its was a wonderful session

Ringardas /Asca Nigeria
North Middle Managers Retreat
Date- September 16/ 17, 2017

An exceptional speaker, I wish the session lasted longer My morale was boosted by the speaker’s experiences shared during the session I would like to take part in another session A lot of vital topics were covered, very enlightening! Speaker hit straight to the point, now I better understand the skills that I need to develop. So much imparted knowledge. It was a near-perfect class.

Corporate Leaders Career Masterclass
Date- October 27th & 28th, 2017

Wow! Thank you so much Ma for the session.
Very insightful! Got a brighter perspective of my business.
I’ve learnt a lot, and will make sure I start implementing.
Go digital!
Mastering Change!
Staying safe and alive!

Esther Jonathan
The Future of Work Training

It was indeed a great outing though I got just a small part of the second segment by Bode.
Folake was passionately on 🔥.
For me it was an awakening call, my low energy level has been pumped up to a high volume.
Nice job worth the ridiculously discounted fee. It was more like a corporate social responsibility, CRS.

Alhaji Riliwan
The Future of Work Training

A very big thank you to our facilitators. 👏👏👏👏.
My take home. Couldn’t say anything because of the bad network.
For me on the future of work class, start doing things differently in the new normal and also that Mastering changes is a cycle I can’t afford to truncate, if I actually want to enjoy and move to the next level over and over again.
Enough of procrastination, Face the fear, Master the change and keep changing don’t stop
Thank you for all you do.

Abosede Ajare
The Future of Work Training

Quite enlightening wow!!
No more procrastinating, armed with all the information I got from today’s class I’ll keep improving myself especially technologically to help me navigate and succeed in the new normal!!
Thank you so much CADSYNC CONSULT for this great value-added🙌🏽

Ms Patience
The Future of Work Training

I still have not gotten down from the cloud this class put me on. Wow!!! I had an awesome time trying to “eat up“ every word from our two knowledgeable and insightful speakers.
I have more will power to do stuff now. I am shifting and
being technology compliant (irrespective of career/profession/industry) is the way to go in the new normal!
I am beginning to change NOW!

Ms. Ibiyemi
The Future of Work Training

I was quite appreciative of the sense of direction that the class engineered yesterday. Rather than wait for whatever the fall out of this lock down would be and pick up from there, we could actually take steps to prepare for it and more than being prepared we can meet the changes head on.
We have to be observant about the changes taking place already and evaluate our skills set so that we can be relevant and viable in the new future.

Ms Kehinde Fagbohun
The Future of Work Training

I have handled a lot of critical issues in the past but did not get the required outcome and this is because I did not apply the logical and rigorous standard of evidence and reasoning to analyze the situation so as to have an effective result.
So through this session, I have learned strategies on how to effectively handle and manage both human and information resources.
Also my ability and capability has been strengthened in sorting out departmental issues.
Conclusively, as an entrepreneur, it is obvious achieving an effective outcome in my DECISION MAKING is unrealistic without the application of the art of CRITICAL THINKING.

Ms Starla
The Critical Thinking & Decision Making Training

I picked up the book Customer Seduction by Afolake Agunbiade at a point when I needed a sense of direction in my business and I must say that was one of the best decision I had made in business.

This book taught me how to be really genuine and honest with my clients, I have learnt the art of effective communication with my clients, and most of all, I have learnt how to really focus on serving my clients from the point of enquiry to closing the deal and even after.

This has helped me over time have more loyal customers who donot relent to refer my services to their friends.

One even posted on someone’s social media platform that one thing she loves about me is that I follow through 100% and even after series of session I would still want to know how our sessions are working out for them. This particular client has referred several friends to me and I can boldly say Folake’s book (Customer Seduction) helped me achieve this. Thank you ma’am for writing this book to help men and women in business win.

I would recommend this book to anyone who really desire to have not just paying clients/customers but also loyal ones who will sing your song to the world.

Emem Ayo
Customer Seduction

Seasoned facilitators.
•Insightful presentation of topics; explanations were ideal, and new views were highlighted.
•Case studies used were ideal; making discourse relevant to daily activities.
•Overall, time and money committed to the course are good investments which yielded so much more.
Thanks for exposing ways and directives to living logically in times like these, mentors!

Ms Opeyemi Omole
Emotional/Social intelligence Training

I always thought of myself as a visionary based on the work I do as a drug use counselor and recovery coach but I needed this class to open my eyes further to the executing ruthlessly. I realized the fact that the world is changing and I had almost been stuck in the old ways of reaching out to my clients/patients. I have woken up too many skills I am akin to but refuse to allow myself to explore and leverage on. Thank you so much for this class. ❤

Ms Tega Omogor
The Future of Work Training


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